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What is Glutto? 

Glutto is a food & drink-focused platform that helps you never have to worry about where or what to eat...ever again!  

It prevents you from having this back-and-forth conversation:

Me: “What do you want to eat?”

Friend: ”Umm, what do you want to eat?”

Me: “I don’t know. What do you want to eat?”

You can use Glutto to:

- get instant personalized recommendations for the best places and foods to eat

- instantly recommend your favorite eateries/bars/recipes/food/drinks to your friends

- keep track of everything (eateries, bars, recipes, etc.) you want to try for the first time or already tried...you'll never wonder "What was the name of that place you recommended?" or "What was that place we went to with the really good sandwiches?" 

- search for eateries/bars/recipes/food/drinks based on unique criteria, including the type of eater you are:

- share food-related pictures or videos with friends who actually want to see food 😋

- create groups to organize upcoming meals (e.g. breakfast with friends, business lunches, wedding banquets, etc.) so you know every attendee's eating preferences *coming soon*

- find out upcoming events at local eateries/bars *coming soon*

- keep family secret recipes safe and private within your family *coming soon*

- and much, much more...

Proverbs 22:9 

What is a "queue" and a "log?"

QUEUE: a list of things (eateries/recipes/items/etc.) you want to try for the first time

LOG: a list of things you have already tried

Note: the “recommend” button instantly notifies your friends that you recommend that eatery/bar/recipe/item


I don't have a lot of friends and avoid “social networks.”  Will I still enjoy using Glutto?

Yes!  What's great about Glutto is that although you have the ability to share recommendations, pics, events, etc. with friends; if you’re feeling anti-social, you can use Glutto strictly for your own purposes too.  This includes, but is not limited to: 


What can I type in the search field?

You can search for:

Note: you can make searches more specific by using one or more filters on the search results page


Why don't I see some eateries or bars in my area?

We’re working hard to make sure our database is as up-to-date as possible. If there's something missing that you think deserves to be in the database, feel free to add it by searching for it and clicking “+add new” at the bottom of the page. :)  




How do I prevent some people's updates from showing up? 

If you don’t like seeing someone’s updates, they’re probably not a real friend.  Remove friends by going to the “Friend” page and hovering over the person’s name to click on “x.”


Where do recommendations come from?

When someone loves an eatery/recipe/item very much, he or she makes a recommendation.  Some people enjoy making lots of recommendations, while other people are more stingy and rarely recommend.  When your friends make recommendations, they are automatically shared with you.  

Also, your personal preferences give you your own unique recommendations.



Who can see my info?

The default is set so that only your contacts can see your info.  This helps facilitate sharing of your info between people you know. (e.g. If a friend wants to join you for lunch, you can look at her profile and see what her favorite foods, drinks, and places are.) If you want to change this setting, you can go to your privacy settings.


There are items I want to add to my top (favorite) foods and drinks, but they aren't listed.  How can I get them to show up?

Items need to be in your log first.  Logically speaking, an eatery/bar/recipe/food/drink can only be your favorite if you've tried it before (indicate this by putting it in your log).  All the items in your log are available to select as your favorites.  If you want to add an item to your favorites that isn't listed, you will have to add that profile to your log first.  Then, it will automatically show up as a choice in the pull-down menu to add to your favorites. 



What is a "queue" and a "log" again?

QUEUE: a list of things (eateries/recipes/items/etc.) you want to try for the first time

LOG: a list of things you have already tried

Note: the “recommend” button instantly notifies your friends that you recommend that eatery/bar/recipe/item

How do I add things to my queue or log?

Just hover over an eatery/bar/item image and click either “Queue” or “Log.”  You can also search for any eatery, bar, or item and click on the appropriate profile from the list of search results.  Then, at the top of the profile page, click on either “Queue” or “Log.”


If an eatery/bar/item is not yet listed, you can create a profile for it which you can then add to either your queue or log.


How do I recommend eateries/bars/recipes/items to others?

You can only recommend things you have already tried a.k.a. things in your log.  You can mark an item as "recommend" so it will show up in your contacts' homepages.  You can do this by going to Profile> Queue/Log (tab), going to your log section - check the boxes next to anything you want to recommend, then clicking on the checkmark button and selecting "recommend." Your contacts can also view all of the items in your queue/log and see which ones you marked as "recommend" at any time.


How do I view profiles of eateries/bars/recipes/items in my queue or log?

You can either double click on any eatery/bar/item's name, or click once on any name and then click on the eatery/bar/item's picture that appears above the queue/log.


Can all users see my queue and log?

The default is set so that only your contacts can see your queue and log.  This helps facilitate sharing of eateries/bars/items between people you know.  In the future, you can edit this setting by going to your privacy settings.


Can I use more than one filter at a time?

Yes.  You can look up type any combination of type, location, cuisine, price range, specialty, or event.  (i.e. If you want to find an American place that serves lobster and chicken in San Diego, CA; type in "American" in the cuisine field, type "lobster, chicken" in the specialty field, and type "San Diego" in the location field.)




Who can see my pictures and videos?

The default is set so that only your contacts can see all your pictures and videos.  This helps facilitate sharing of various pics and vids between people you know.  In the near future, you can go to your privacy settings to change this setting.


How do I see my contacts' pictures or videos?

You can either click on “Pics/Vids” in the main menu or go to that particular contact's profile and click on his/her picture (this will open their pics/vids album).




What are notes?

Notes are basically a place for you to jot down anything you want to remember.  

Feel free to write notes about whatever you'd like to remember, including:


How  can I write a new note?

You can either:

1. go to your notes by clicking on “Notes” from the main menu, or 

2. go to any eatery/bar/recipe/food or drink profile and click on the note icon below the profile pic to write a note about that particular eatery/bar/recipe/food or drink item.


How do I view all my notes?

Simply click on the notes icon on the left side of the page.


Who can see my notes?

For now, just you. In the near future, you will be able to control who sees your notes by going to your privacy preferences. 



How do I add a friend?

Click on "Friends" from the main menu, then in the white field (not the main search field) at the top right of the plate, type in the name or email of the friend you would like to add and click “+Add Friend.”  




What exactly is a message?

A message is a private communication that you can send directly to any friend.




Can I hide different parts of my profile from specific people?

Soon.  You’ll be able to go to Settings and adjust your privacy levels.


Can I completely block my presence on Glutto from specific people?

We’ll let you block people soon.  But for now, be friendly and play nice.



What are these days on the calendar?

They are official United States and world food holidays.  Celebrate food all year long!



eatery/bar/recipe/item profiles

How do I add a new eatery/bar/recipe/item profile?

First, make sure you conduct a search at the top of the page.  This will make sure what you are adding isn't already in the database.  If it doesn't show up, check your spelling and try again. If there is still no existing profile, you can click on "+add new" at the bottom of the page and fill out the information.


Am I able to edit a particular eatery/bar/recipe/item's profile?

Yes, as long as the profile has not been locked.  When a profile is locked, owner of that eatery/bar/recipe/item has taken full control of that particular profile so that no one else can edit it.  This allows owners to keep their information as accurate and up-to-date as possible.