Company Overview


We chose the name "Glutto" (pronounced: GLUHT-toe, rhymes with “What? Oh!”) due to its meaning and simplicity. It is a shortened derivation of the word "gluttony" which is commonly defined as: excessive eating and drinking. Due to the nature of our platform focusing on food and drink, we decided "Glutto" was a fun, simple and just-short-of-sinful name for our company.

Glutto® is a registered trademark.


The Glutto logo consists of black text with typewriter font chosen for its unique character and timelessness. The red liquid below the text represents the sauce in a plating design. The color red reflects passion and desire, symbolizing the innate passion and desire people have for food and drink. The two red drops illustrate continued and limitless growth..


We strive to provide the best personalized food & drink recommendations. Beyond helping our users feed their hunger, we help the food insecure by promoting philanthropic organizations that support the cause against world hunger...because no one should ever worry about their next meal.

James 2:14-18

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