General Info

Description: It’s a creamy custard flattened on a frozen plate and scraped into rolls that are typically placed vertically in a cup with assorted toppings.

Extra Features

Good for: Omnivore



  1. Chill your pan, or place your stone slab in the freezer for at least 1 hr and put it on a moistened cloth/paper towel to prevent slipping
  2. Pour approximately 1 cup of the liquid ice cream base on the slab and mix in all toppings
  3. Use your scraper to continuously spread the liquid evenly over the slab until it’s frozen.
  4. Use your scraper to scrape the ice cream off the slab by pressing the edge of the scraper down and away from you.
  5. Keep scraping from one side to the other until all the ice cream is rolled.
  6. Place the rolls in bowls so they sit vertically.
  7. Cover the ice cream rolls with your toppings and dig in!